Woman Creates Instagram To Document Unhealthy Foods To Make Fun Of Those Annoying 'Fitspiration' Posts


Bella Younger is so over fitness posts on Instagram. 

After checking out the social media site, much of what she noticed boiled down to posts about getting in shape, eating healthy and photos that related to either or. So the 28-year-old Edinburgh, Scotland native (now in London) created a new Instagram account called Deliciously Stella as the antithesis of that.

"I just couldn't believe there were so many pictures of 'berry bowls' and beach yoga," she told A Plus. "I was like, 'Why are none of you chained to a desk eating chips? Why?!"


Instead, she uses her account to be a little more, well, real with hilarious captions that poke fun at the fitness crowd on Insta.

It began as a way to promote her comedy show back in May of last year, but has since seen it grow to a 38,000-follower account. Based on her posts so far, it's not hard to see why. 

Forget oatmeal and berries and quinoa and gluten-free protein, this seems much more realistic. 

She also made parody versions of the kind of posts fitspo people would do — from new foods to 'progress' pics.

Regardless of what people choose to post on their Instagrams, she hopes that people can have a laugh when looking at her account. 

"I'd like people to look at it and feel encouraged to be more silly and take themselves less seriously, but primarily I just want to make people laugh," she said.

We sure are. 

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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