This Hot Tub And A Hammock Combo Looks Like The Best Way To Relax Ever

Kind of surprising it took this long to invent one.

Hammocks are super comfortable. Hot tubs are super relaxing. Benjamin H. Frederick realized these two simple facts and thought — why not combine the two? And thus, the Hydro Hammock was born.

Frederick launched his invention through Kickstarter and, according to the product's official website, it's "the bathtub innovation of all time." Bold words, but that could very well be true. The Hydro Hammock is a portable hammock and hot tub in one that can support up to 50 gallons of water and two adults, though apparently only 20 gallons of water are needed for a quality bath. It comes with a portable water heater system and the hammock comes in single or double layers that can adjust to set up fully or be partially suspended.

Now look at how outrageously relaxed these people are and bleed with jealousy:


Be jealous of the jumping man.

Be jealous of the children who definitely can't afford this.

Be jealous of this couple poppin' a bottle.

Be jealous of this suggestive three-way chocolate strawberry party.

Be jealous of this scenic beach situation.

Really, just be jealous of the whole product video:

(H/T: Bored Panda)


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