100 Years Ago, Beauty Was Defined Quite Differently

"Beauty is subjective."

It's pretty fascinating to watch the actual evolution of fashion and beauty standards flash before your eyes in less than two minutes. There are so many looks that might have been considered beautiful a few decades ago but are now out of style — crimped hair, for example. (We'd like to take this opportunity to personally admonish whoever dreamed up that cruel attack on innocent, otherwise beautiful, strands of hair). 

Likewise there are plenty of qualities that were not considered to be beautiful a few decades ago and are now embraced and even celebrated.

Beauty is subjective; its definition changes all of the time and this video proves it. We see constant changes in the way the woman in it accessorizes, does her makeup, wears her hair and decorates her forehead with a bindi.

The 100 Years Of Beauty series, produced by Cut, has featured the evolution of beauty standards in countries like Iran, Mexico, USA, and North and South Korea.

Now, they've produced an episode showcasing 100 Years Of Indian Beauty, in which the model's look changes to fit the era she's representing, honoring at once the trends and the traditions.



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