Whether You Have Facial Hair Or Not, You Can Appreciate The Glory Of 'Beardaments'

"Make your friends jealous."


We're used to seeing people fill their homes with Christmas decorations such as fresh trees, presents, and twinkling lights. But this year, some people are taking it a step further and decorating their ... beards?

For those donning a beard this season, one company's released a collection of "Beardaments," or ornaments that clip onto your facial hair. 

"Make your friends jealous," it says on the company's website. "You're sure to be on Santa's good list with Beardaments in your beard. Beard ornaments are a fun gift to make sure that your beard is not jealous of your Christmas sweater." Plus, they're not exclusively for beards: people can wear them in their hair, on their mustaches, and pets can rock them too. 

"The holidays are for standing out and spreading smiles. And that's exactly what our beard jewelry does!"

The ornaments come in various colors (and even some glittery ones, too), so you can customize your look any way you like. And with all the stresses that come with the holiday season, we think this is the perfect way to ensure a few extra laughs this year.

"You need to do this for Christmas dude," one person comments on the company's Instagram feed

"Please, please, PLEASE decorate your beard for Christmas!!!" another person writes, tagging a friend. 

Check out some of our favorite Beardaments looks below:  

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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