Bear Eats Frantic Woman's Kayak For No Good Reason. Way To Go, Bear.

A bear gets what a bear wants.

If we came face to face with a wild bear, we'd probably freak out.

Yea, kinda like that.

Luckily, Mary Maley is a whole lot braver than we'll ever be.

While on a hiking trip in Alaska, which she never quite got to go on, she came across a bear. At first, the bear leaves the kayak and Mary alone, but then he starts getting a bit too close for comfort. 

The only way Mary could protect herself was to take out her can of pepper spray and spray it in the bears direction.

But the bear had mischief on his mind and was not to be deterred.

He slowly backed away and decided that her Delta 15s Seakayak would make for a nice snack — and sweet revenge. 

She tries yelling, "Bear, don't eat my kayak!" but we're pretty sure this trouble maker didn't pass his "English as a Second Language" classes.

He just keeps going at it, completely destroying her day and only means of transportation.

Despite this altercation being harmless and in hindsight kind of funny because we've never seen someone get into a verbal altercation with a wild bear, it obviously could have been deadly.

Not only might she have been attacked by the obviously hungry bear, as she explained in her YouTube video, she was nearly stranded since she had no way to navigate home. 

Fortunately, she managed to swim to a nearby boat, which took her back home safely.

Phew. Watch the full video below.

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