The Best Moments Of Baseball's Odd Couple: Adrian Beltre And Elvis Andrus

Friends and teammates.

Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre play shortstop and third base for the Texas Rangers and are well-known for their on-field antics. Andrus takes great joy in trolling Beltre by running into his territory, in faking him out and, most of all, in touching his bare head.

Adrian Beltre hates having his head touched.

We mean he really hates it.

Here he is throwing major shade at Miguel Cabrera's unwanted head-touch after his 2,500th hit last year against Detroit.

He's no fan of it when Andrus does it, either.

The two have been called The Odd Couple, with the prank-loving Andrus playing the perfect foil to the stony-faced Beltre who boasts a .284 batting average and recently celebrated his 400th career home run.

Naturally, Andrus was there to greet him... By stealing his helmet and touching his head.

Here are some of the other great Beltre and Andrus moments: a look at two guys who are teammates and friends.

That glare is priceless.


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Andrus loves moments like this. Beltre, not so much...

...especially when Andrus steps into his territory.

At the end of the day, though, it's all in good fun.

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And the two friends know they can always count on each other.


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