100 Brave Women Expose Their Breasts To Prove That They're More Than Just A Body Part

”This is how we look. This is how we feel.”

Breasts are everywhere: In movies, TV, porn and magazines, just to name a few. More often than not, they're disconnected from the female body, and viewed as a spectacle for pleasure.

But England-based photographer Laura Dodsworth wants to change that.

Over the course of two years, she photographed 100 women from all different backgrounds, experiences and ages ranging from 19 to 100-years-old.

"Women from all walks of life were included," Dodsworth told A+ in an interview. "Buddhist nun, strippers, stay at home mothers, burlesque dancer full/longterm breastfeeders, women who couldn"t breastfeed or didn"t to, a female priest, nurses, GB athletes, cancer survivors, a club night promoter whose pseudonym is Catain Hello Titties, and so many more."

She wanted to turn her work into a book, called Bare Reality, but didn't have enough money to self-publish. So instead, she turned to others for help. and created a Kickstarter fundraising page to do so.

"I think the time has never been better to hear how women really feel about their breasts, and to see how they really look," she wrote on the page.

And she was right. Within 35 hours, Dodsworth gained over 500 backers with £21,009 (about $27,261) raised of her £10,900 (or roughly $12,9730) goal.

She told A+ that the book will contain her photographs of the women's un-airbrushed breasts along with their honest, personal stories. Dodsworth explained that breasts symbolize much more than a body part in pop culture:

"When we talk about breasts we talk about intimate aspects of our lives as women, such as growing up, sexuality, motherhood, breastfeeding, relationships, body image, health, cancer and ageing," she wrote on the fundraising page.

She also partnered with Breast Cancer UK, a nonprofit breast cancer prevention organization, pledging to donate £1 from each sold book to the cause.

Her project comes on the heels of other recent breast-normalizing efforts including the "Free the Nipple" campaign on the street and the pressure to stop online censoring, initiatives that Dodsworth references on her Kickstarter page.

Now, her contribution to women's empowerment will become a reality, one that has not only helped others come to appreciate their bodies, but help Dodsworth love hers, too.

"Bare Reality has changed how I think and feel about women as well as transformed my relationship with my breasts," she said.

"I hope it will move and inspire people and perhaps transform their relationship with [theirs]," she told A+.

Looks like it already has.

Correction: An earlier version of the piece said that Dodsworth will donate 1 Euro to Breast Cancer UK. She'll actually be donating £1, which is sterling not Euros.



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