A Maine Police Department Made A Handy List Of What You Should (And Shouldn't) Say In Public To Cops

"We are just like you. True story."

With distrust in police on the rise across the country, the Bangor, Maine police department created a list of pro-tips for those that live in the area to learn from.

The list, which was published on the department's Facebook page on November 26, includes some funny pointers like refraining from telling a police officer whether or not you're drunk while in a public setting. Spoiler alert: They can usually tell either way, regardless of whether or not you say anything.

However, the list, which you can see in its entirety below, also includes some important tips you may have not considered before, such as not joking with young children that the police will arrest them if they misbehave. "We are not going to scare them for you. We just don't do that," the post explains. "Kids have enough to worry about without thinking that each time they see a police officer they are going to be arrested. We don't arrest kids. You are going to need to work on your parenting skills if this is one of your strategies. Stop it."


Although some parents may find it funny to joke with their children about being arrested for poor behavior, the implication is that a joke like that can create mistrust between your child and law enforcement, which the Bangor PD is working hard to avoid. Instead, they are hoping to humanize police officers and dispel any fears people might have of them.

In addition to pointers on what you shouldn't say to a police officer, the list also includes a variety of things they like hearing, including pleasantries and requests for directions or assistance.

"[These are] just some pro-tips to let you know that we are not suspicious of everyone we run into. We are not. Sometimes we are walking through public settings because we were called there for a problem. Sometimes we are there for other reasons," the post reads. "We enjoy talking to all kinds of folks. Please don't assume we assume that you are bad person, a criminal, a fugitive from justice, or that you are a bad driver. We are just like you. True story."

"Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone, and be kind to one another," the list concludes. "We will be here. All we have is each other."

The candid and humorous post has already shared upwards 1,700 times and received nearly 10,000 likes. As one person wrote in the comments, "Bangor Maine Police Department, you are a class act."


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