Half Bandit-Half Good Samaritan Finds Wallet And Keeps The Cash To Buy Himself Something Special

He even took the $10 Barnes & Noble gift certificate.

When a man simply by the name of "Anonymous" found Reilly Flaherty's wallet, he decided to be a Good Samaritan.

Well, sort of.

The bandit did return Flaherty's license and credit cards, but decided to keep literally everything else. 

Flaherty didn't say how much cash was in the wallet, but it was certainly enough for the bandit to purchase some weed. Oh yeah, he kept the Metrocard too, because subways aren't cheap these days. The bandit also decided to keep the wallet itself as well, because "it's kinda cool."

The New York Post said Flaherty "realized he had lost his wallet in an Uber car when he got into Manhattan on the way back from King's Theater in Brooklyn."

Later, upon finding a white envelope at his door with his canceled credit cards and the below note, he burst out laughing. He did find the bandit to be a bit selfish, though, writing in the Instagram caption, "Thanks, I think?"

At the end of the day, though, it seems like this is a story Flaherty will be getting some laughs out of for some time. 

He told The Post, "Whether it was a dollar or a thousand, [this person] is a pot-smoking, modern-day version of Robin Hood ... You gotta respect the honesty." 

You can read this pot-smoking bandit's letter below. Toodles ... for now.


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