MTV Skateboarding Legend Bam Margera Is Off The Bottle And Back On A Board

The 37-year-old is sober and living in Spain. gave the skateboarding world some good news last week when it reported that Bam Margera was back on a skateboard and living a sober life in Spain. 

Margera, who appeared as himself on the MTV reality shows Viva La Bam and Bam's Unholy Union, as well as all three movies from the popular Jackass franchise, talked to Jenkem about returning to skateboarding after five years and his struggles with alcohol abuse.

"It's been a real struggle for me to stay off the alcohol," Margera says in the interview, noting that he had to lose 30 pounds before being able to get back on a board again. "But just as long you're surrounded by good people and you have something to do, you'll be good. Like in Barcelona, I wake up and my mission is to skate all day. I know being in Spain is the best place for me right now to not drink."

While Margera didn't explicitly rule out a return to television, he seems happy to not be bogged down in any commitments to Hollywood. "Now I'm just trying to get back in shape and keep skating and do what makes me happy."

We wish him well. 

For more from Bam Margera, check him out on Instagram.



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