15 People Ballin' On A Budget And Making It Look Cool

Saving money ... in style.

Getting the coolest things on a tight budget might seem like an impossible task. For some people, it can be pretty easy. Using online vouchers to save money is one option, but sometimes you have to be creative to get cool things. And if you're doing it right, you might fool a couple of people into thinking you are living the good life.

Here are 15 times people went to the extreme to have fancy things while on a budget and they are certainly ballin' like pros:


1. The hottest rims for tires.

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2. A great selfie stand.

Low budget selfie stand :D

3. A gourmet lunch.

Budget Lunch

4. The best car mount.

And this is how you save money....though the phone didn't come cheap

5. The quickest transportation.

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6. An Olympic-size swimming pool.

Swimming practice on a budget.

7. A jump rope for the kids.

School budget cuts, they can't even afford a jump rope.

8. The safest fire extinguisher.

The company is on a tight budget this year.

9. A fairy on the top of the Christmas tree.

A budget Christmas

10. The latest Apple computer.

Budget Apple Computers

11. The top Starbucks beverages.

I think the campus Starbucks may be undergoing budget cuts.

12. The most environmentally sound landfill.

Budget cuts are affecting everyone

13. The softest toilet paper.

Pooping on a budget, profits are down.

14. Piano lessons from the pros.

Piano lessons on a budget

15. The most popular birthday party spot.

For the birthday on a budget


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