Romeo Proposed To Juliet For Real After Their Ballet Performance Together

How's that for a happy ending?

Last Saturday, ballet dancer Ksenia Zakharova debuted in the title role of Juliet in Shakespeare's tragic love story at the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in Russia. That's reason enough for the Romeo and Juliet performance to have been unforgettable for Zakharova, but she had no idea what surprise was waiting for her during curtain call. 

She and Nikolay Maltsev, who was playing Romeo, were taking a bow after the performance when Maltsev snuck behind the stage's curtain to retrieve the engagement ring he'd brought for her. As Zakharova continued to bow, Maltsev got down on one knee behind her and held out the ring. The audience instantly responded by increasing their applause and excitement. 

That's when Zakharova turned around and realized what they were clapping for. 

She said "yes" and the couple continued to take their bows. To close the romantic moment, Maltsev brought out a giant bouquet of red roses for Zakharova and they left the stage hand-in-hand. A video of the proposal was shared on the theater's Facebook page, which you can check out above. 

"This is a story about true love, so it was the perfect moment," Maltsev said after the proposal.  

Maltsev and Zakharova have been together for three years. They're scheduled to perform together again this month as they star in the theater's production of The Nutcracker. 

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