Pics Of The World's 'Steepest Residential Street' Will Make You Want To Add It To Your Bucket List

Would you be brave enough to drive this street?

For one street in New Zealand, running up to your neighbor's house is a particularly difficult task.

Named the world's steepest residential street, Baldwin Street's "gradient is such that for every 2.86 meters you walk forward, you gain a meter of elevation," and even "some houses appear to sink right into the ground," The Huffington Post reports. 

And though walking or running up Baldwin is sure to leave you short of breath, many people have taken to Instagram to show just how crazy-beautiful the street, and its views, truly are. 


So whether you're looking for a good workout, a picture-perfect shot, or are just trying to check off something on your bucket list, we encourage everyone to get out and explore this street and all the other incredible places the world has to offer. 

Check out more photos of Baldwin Street below:


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