At 88 Years Old, This Badass Great-Grandmother Is Proving Anyone Can Be A Makeup Muse

"Colorful clothes inspire me."

Baddie Winkle is proving that age is nothing but a number. The 88-year-old has racked up 2.6 million Instagram followers, appeared in a Fergie music video, and starred in a Missguided campaign thanks to her no-holds-barred attitude and bold style. 

You can now add being a makeup muse to her list of accomplishments, because the badass octogenarian has been named the latest Urban Decay inspiration. 


The Tennessee native was flown to Los Angeles to participate in a photo shoot and Q&A for Urban Decay's Monthly Muse feature. The series is about highlighting different people who are defining beauty on their own terms, and the lively great-grandmother definitely does just that.  

In the YouTube video for the series, Baddie says, "One thing that I think gives me an edge is my age. I'm a woman of 88, but I've still got a pretty good figure. I think I inherited it from my mother; she had a beautiful figure."

In terms of inspiration, Baddie explains that she adores color. "I've always been stylish, and I've always loved color. Colorful clothes inspire me," she said.

As to her favorite activities, the effervescent 88-year-old cannot resist dancing. "I love to dance to great songs," she said, "I plan on dancing my way into heaven."

With her fun-loving attitude and confidence, Baddie shows that there should be no age restrictions on muses, models, or on living life to the fullest.

Check out the video below to see more of Baddie:

(H/T: Allure)

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