Here's How You Know If You Have A Bad Roommate

If they at all resemble this...

A good roommate is never easy to come by.

More often than not, the person you're living with has a series of imperfections (like everyone) that slowly drive you up the wall. But when those imperfections turn to annoying and unreasonable habits, things can get ugly.

Thankfully, you're not alone. With all the roommates out there it's pretty unlikely you're going to find a problem that someone else hasn't already encountered or figured out how to deal with. In a recent video from BuzzFeedVideo, some of those problems are explored.


Like when your roommate eats your burrito, and replaces it with a sock.

And then just says he'll pay you back.

Or when they hide cameras in the apartment.

Sometimes, roommates don't know when to stay in their rooms.

The worst is when they steal the most important ingredient.

Which leaves you and your date eating ketchup pasta.

But even the worst roommates do something nice every now and then...

And you've just got to find a way to appreciate it.

Even if it's a bit, weird...

Check out their full roommate breakdown here (warning, PG-13):


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