Bad Lip Reading Is Back And This Time They Take On The Republican Debate

Note to Trump: Don't eat tuna melts before a debate

Where would we be without the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel?


They are here to take our everyday culture and turn it into some hilarious satire. In the past they have taken on the NFL, The Hunger Games and more.

This time they decided to take on the recent Republican Debate and offer us some new insights into our potential candidates.

We would never know Donald Trump owns a pigeon named Lucas don Velour that he takes shopping. We wouldn't know Chris Christie just wants some potatoes, and we definitely wouldn't know that Ben Carsonis an esteemed songwriter.

Apparently he has a hit record called "One Little Wee-Wee" and it 's as magical as it sounds. 

We're not sure who had the best ad-libs in this one. You be the judge and let us know in the comments.


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