15 Incredibly Out-Of-Place Back-To-School Sales That Are Laughable

Are these for kids?

Back to school is a special time of year for parents and students to go shopping for school supplies, clothing and, apparently, other items that have nothing to do with school whatsoever. Some items get labeled as back to school that students don't need, although their parents may want these items. And as a shopper, you can only smile and laugh when you see them.

Here are 15 back-to-school sales that probably weren't for students, but they sure are funny:


1. These seem like they're probably meant for the parents.

2. Not a relevant product kids need in school.

3. This is not the type of test students normally take in school.

4. How is this back to school related?

5. Sounds like a good deal.

6. And it's time to cringe.

7. Are we sure this is for school?

8. What kind of supplies?

9. Are these school basics?

10. Some college students might have a need for these.

11. Why did they put the beer in this display?

12. Just because it's back-to-school season doesn't mean every sale is meant for school.

13. These items seem in the wrong place.

14. Not the best place to get in on the back-to-school action.

15. The banner is nice, but why is it there?

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