This Baby Is All Of Us Thinking About Christmas In November

Well, some of us.

Some people may be rolling their eyes when the Christmas decorations are wheeled out the second November 1 comes around, but if you aren't one of those people and you love the hot chocolate, lights, candy canes, and carols any time of the year, then you'll totally relate to this baby's reaction.  


The video, shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page with the caption, "Those first Christmas feels," shows the baby being wheeled through a holiday aisle as their face completely lights up. We think it's safe to say their reaction is legitimately all of us when we feel the Christmas spirit, too. 

The video, submitted by H. Law, has been viewed over 2 million times since Love What Matters shared it. 

"The world through a child's eyes ... magical," one person comments on the video.

Another parent shared their similar experience with their kid at Christmastime:

"My 6-year-old and I hit the shops yesterday ... we walk into one shop and it is fully decked out for Christmas ... my 6-year-old gasps and says, 'My heart is just bubbling over with laughter at all these lovely Christmas things!' Gotta love kids for their unadulterated joy." 

Cover image via Shutterstock I Oksana Kuzmina

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