Tiny Human Has Painfully Adorable Reaction To His Own Starling Sneeze

So. Precious.


Babies have the advantage of being cute just by, you know, being babies. But sometimes they actually do things that make them even more adorable. 

Just look at 4-month-old Jonah up there, for instance. The little guy was just chilling in his onesie, being a baby, when, all of a sudden, his body erupted into a sneeze. 

"Oh nooo!" Jonah says in response to the startling bodily function. 

Um, cuteness overload anyone? 

At just four months, it's unlikely Jonah is actually forming words, but it did totally sound like it. Either way, we're glad his dad, Gabriel Jones, caught the whole thing on camera and shared it. We could watch it over and over. 

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Keep doing what you're doing babies. The Internet loves it.



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