A Baby Scared His Cousin And His Reaction Is Adorable Beyond Anything

A priceless family moment.

It's often said that cousins are the best kind of friends. That is usually the case, except perhaps for an 11-month-old toddler and his 5-month-old baby cousin. The older cousin decided to disturb his younger cousin by rocking and shaking his seat. 


How did both cousins react? You'll have to watch this to find out:

The look of dismay on the older cousin's face is certainly priceless and hilarious. He goes from shocked to confused and bewildered in a matter of seconds. It's almost like he didn't see it coming. Hopefully he learned from this memorable family moment that you should never scare your cousins — no matter how much they may annoy you.

As for the younger cousin, the cry should not come as a surprise. It's obvious that both cousins may not be perfectly comfortable or familiar with each other at this point. The younger cousin is 5 months old. Usually by that time, some infants develop a level of stranger anxiety toward those individuals whom the baby is not familiar with. Crying loudly, although somewhat adorable, is a sign of stranger anxiety.

Hopefully, in a few years, the older cousin will apologize for disturbing the younger one.

Or, he'll probably just do it again.


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