This Adorable Baby Thinks His Face Is On The Diaper Packaging, And He's Obsessed


It seems like the most random and obscure objects pique kids' interest the most. Take one baby named Ben who loves with the packaging of his diapers. 

However, this isn't just a random infatuation. The reason the 16-month-old is so into his diapers so much is very sweet. 

Ben thinks that the baby on the diaper packaging is him.

Ben's mom, Rose Bennett, explained to BuzzFeed that when she ran out of Ben's regular diapers, she picked up a larger size in her usual brand because Ben's size was sold out. 

The bigger diapers had a different baby on the cover and Ben took notice. When Bennett was changing Ben, he pointed to the new baby on the package and said, "Ben."

Bennett has explained to Ben that it isn't him on the package, but he still appears to be mesmerized by it. Bennett uploaded photos of Ben on Twitter explaining that he often cuddles the diapers and won't let go of them.

The photos of Ben clutching his diapers like a doll have won the hearts of many Twitter users. One image has been retweeted over 12,00 times and gained 23,000 likes. 

The photos show that even at a young age, kids react to things when they identify with them. Ben has found his twin on a diaper package. Because of this, he loves them as much as any toy.

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