People Heard Crying Coming From A Toilet. What Firefighters Found In The Pipes Will Sicken You

Absolutely horrifying.

Residents of a building in Jinhua, China were concerned when they heard the sound of a baby crying in a toilet on the fourth floor, so they summoned firefighters.

Upon investigation, firefighters determined that there was a newborn child trapped in the sewer pipes. 

After carefully dismantling sections of plumbing, rescuers were able to save the infant, who miraculously survived the ordeal.

The baby's mother was located and claimed that she had felt stomach pains earlier that day and, upon using the bathroom, gave birth to the baby, who then slipped into the pipes. 

Last year, China's government set up "hatches" where unwanted babies can be dropped off. The babies are then placed in orphanages.

It can be an uncomfortable thing to look at, but this is reality in other countries.

Please visit Love Without Boundaries for information on how you can help. You can also check out China Heart.

(H/T: ViralNova, CNN)

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