Chimp Spits Out His Drink And Gives His Human Foster Parents The Biggest Hug Ever

He seems totally overcome with emotion.

Limbani is a young chimp who was born with a severe case of pneumonia in a private facility in August 2016. The Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, Fla. reports that his mother essentially "handed him over to keepers." 

The baby chimp was treated with the help of a veterinary specialist and human pediatrician over the course of two months to help clear his lungs with Tania Sanchez and her husband Jorge providing "round the clock care" for Limbani after he was rejected by his mom. 


Even though Limbani recovered, and is now residing at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, he hasn't forgotten his foster parents as evidenced by a video shared on Instagram by the foundation on June 18.

When Limbani sees Tania and Jorge again, he goes, shall we say ... bananas.

When Limbani notices Jorge walk into the room, he immediately spits out his drink and begins to bounce up and down and emit a joyous noise before he jumps into his foster dad's arms and hugs him tight. When he notices Tania, he moves to her and reaches out to be held and hugged.

It turns out that Limbani reacts this way every time he sees his foster family, who visit him regularly.

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation — who are dedicated to educating the public about rare and endangered animal species — explained on Facebook, "The pure excitement and joy when Limbani sees our close friends can only be appreciated if watched and heard ... Tania and Jorge can go without seeing him for a couple months and his reaction is always the same. Limbani by far is the most loved of the entire ZWF family."

Tania shared the reunion video of Limbani on her personal Instagram and captioned it, "Definition of true love."

Those who want to see more of Limbani can check out his own Instagram as well as the Zoological Wildlife Foundation's Facebook page which has recently posted videos of Limbani practicing his handwriting, visiting fish, and going on a car ride.

The hope of the pages is to raise awareness and education for the conservation of chimpanzees. 


Cover image via  Steffen Foerster I Shutterstock

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