This Baby Is Able To Smile For The First Time After Having Surgery To Reduce Her Adult-Sized Tongue

"She has started to say words."

When South Dakota mom Madison Kienow had to have an emergency C-section two months early, she was concerned for the health of her newborn daughter Paisley Morrison-Johnson. But she wasn't aware that Paisley also had Beckwith-Wiedemann  syndrome until she was delivered.

The congenital condition can cause the body or an organ to overgrow. In Paisley's case, the condition affected her tongue, causing it to grow to an adult size. Kienow told BuzzFeed the condition was so severe that Paisley had to be put on a ventilator because doctors were fearful her tongue would inhibit her breathing. 

At 6 months old, Paisley underwent her first tongue reduction surgery, followed by a second when she was 13 months. 

Now Paisley is a smiling16-month-old, and doing much better.

Paisley isn't just grinning from ear-to-ear, Kienow told BuzzFeed she is making other development strides, "I don't have to worry about her choking, she has started to say words, she can eat adult food. She's starting to get her teeth now. She took her first step five days ago."

We are so happy she's doing better! 


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