You'll Never Guess What This Baby Animal Is

For just a baby, this critter sure knows how to eat.

A member of the Wildlife Rockhampton organization was walking to work last week when a bat fell out of the sky at their feet.

According to their Facebook page, the white-striped free-tailed bat, who they ended up naming Frank, was dropped by a crow. His body length is only six centimeters, and he eats only insects.

Their page also indicates that the "Wildlife Rockhampton has been set up by like-minded community members willing to open their hearts and their homes for sick, injured or orphaned wildlife."

In the video above the bat is seen chowing down on a mealworm. In Australia, this kind of bat is an incredibly important part of the ecology as it eats insects like mosquitoes and keeps their populations under control.

Wildlife Rockhampton plans to release Frank as soon as possible.

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