23 Kids During Photo Shoots That Are Just Not Having It

Some kids really know how to work the camera.

Being forced into a photo op totally sucks, even as an adult. But because it'll inevitably end up on Facebook, we just suck it up, put on our fake smiles or silly faces and hold on to the hope that it'll all be over soon. 

Kids, on the other hand, won't have any of it if they're not in the mood. They'll unabashedly show you exactly how they're really feeling. 

Here are some of our favorite hilarious children photo shoots and what they were probably thinking:


1. "Nature calls."

2. "You guys are squishing me!"

3. "I'm getting too big for this wagon."

4. "This is awesome."

5. "Bye."

6. "Are we done here?"

7. "I don't even eat McDonald's."

8. "Root beer flavor? Are you kidding me?"

9. "Nope."

10. "Just a little taste."

11. "What did you just say to me?"

12. "All right already, let me sleep."

13. "Huh?"

14. "No thank you."

15. "We can't even read!"

16. "Whatever."

17. "What exactly is going on here?"

18. "This movie is great."


20. "What? It's a great read."

21. "Sleep is for the weak."

22. "It really smells in here. I hate this."

23. "This needs to stop."

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