Don't Do These 16 Weird Introductions At A Bar

Major bar no-no's.

Meeting new people in regular life is hard enough, but when you're at a bar there's a whole other slew of rules and etiquette to be aware of. 

And while drinking might make introductions go a little easier, it can also make them go terribly, terribly wrong.  Here are 16 ways to NOT greet someone at a bar if you don't want to look like a complete jerk. You've been warned. 


1. Puke on them.

2. Knock over drinks.

3. Fall out of your seat.

4. Walk and dance at the same time.

5. Run away giggling after initiating a conversation.

6. Trick someone into dancing.

7. Nodding and pretending to listen.

8. Order milk... unless it's in a White Russian.

9. Cough obnoxiously.

10. Smash your drink over someone's head.

11. Spit out your drink.

12. Strangely point to someone across the bar.

13. Crush a beer can.

14. Blow a raspberry.

15. Forget your own name.

16. Give an awkward handshake.

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