This Guy Posted An Epic Picture Of His Daughter And The Internet Went Crazy

I want to be this kid when I grow up.

The internet is a funny place: although ostensibly a strand of the collective conscious, it often seems to have a life of its own. It has fickle tastes, strange whims, and occasionally, beautiful flights of fancy. One of those flights of fancy manifested itself when Wes Eisenhauer from South Dakota who uses the name SoulcrateSucka on Reddit posted this amazing picture of his daughter on the popular site:


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In the caption, he wrote:

"A few minutes ago, I ran outside to take a picture. My daughter chased after me. I told her to go back inside because she was in her pajamas and didn't have any shoes on. She didn't listen. I'm glad she didn't listen."

So are we. And so are a lot of people: the picture quickly flew to the top of Reddit's front page.

In a response to a comment, Eisenhauer wrote "We've made some good memories so far. I try to capture as much as I can."

His photographs on Imgur are certainly evidence of some beautiful memories being made. 

The best thing about the ubiquitousness of cameras in the 21st century is that they allow for special moments like these to be captured. 

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Dad Level: A+++++

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Meanwhile, Reddit went crazy over the picture of his daughter under the rainbow.

A Photoshop battle was quickly initiated and the result was almost as delightful as the original picture.

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Everything great happened...

Joan of Arc.

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Full-spectrum awesome.

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House Targaryen.

Child of Dragons

Perhaps our favorite.

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To see the original thread, click here. You can see more of the Photoshop battle here

Finally, be sure to check out more of Eisenhauer's photographs on Imgur.

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