Some Of The Most Awesome Ocean Photography You'll Ever See

Fantastic work by a photographer with the ocean in his soul.

Like so many others who grew up in Hawai'i, Kenji Croman learned to love the ocean at an early age. As a young bodysurfer, he often found himself trying to describe the surf. "I would flare my arms up to describe how big the waves were," he writes on his website, "(and) make funny sounds with my mouth describing the thunder and bass the waves make underwater and ramble on how gorgeous the colors and reflections were."

It wasn't until he picked up a camera in 2007 that he found a unique ability to express himself by combining his love for the ocean with a new-found passion for photography. His work is about "being creative and trying to capture the beauty in nature in an artistic way," he says, adding, "photography is my music, my poetry, my art."

We think that's something special.

Kenji was generous enough to share some new examples of his art with us. He also offers photography lessons.

More of his spectacular pictures can be found on Instagram.

Please check out Kenji's website, and be sure to see his latest work, featured on his Facebook page.

All photographs used with permission of Kenji Croman.

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