This Guy's Inspiring Weight-Loss Transformation Will Leave You At A Loss For Words

Determination conquers all.

At one point in Austin Shifflett's life, he weighed 324 pounds.

He explained to TODAY that his diet included a lot of fast food and sugary drinks.

Going to school was tough for Shifflett because other students would poke fun at him.

Even though he felt like he was going to "break down," he decided to do something about it.

Little by little, he began eating healthier, working out and losing weight.

When he lost nine pounds in the first week on his new journey, he became hooked.

Remarkably, he lost 166 pounds in one year and now looks like this.

His story has taken off and has inspired many people in a similar situation.

His Twitter timeline has turned into a place for positive affirmation and helpful advice.

Although his transformation is beyond incredible...

He encourages people to be motivated by other things beside vanity.

Congrats and keep inspiring Austin!


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