The Auschwitz Museum Rebuked A Comparison Of Obama's Jewish Supporters To Those Who Aided Concentration Camp Guards

The U.N. resolution against Israel's settlement expansion on Palestinian territory has reignited tensions.

The Auschwitz Museum Rebuked A Comparison Of Obama's Jewish Supporters To Those Who Aided Concentration Camp Guards

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one of the most long-standing political impasses in modern history, is unsurprisingly an issue that inspires acrimonious debate. This week, tensions sparked anew after the United Nations Security Council voted to condemn Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory. Previous efforts to do so in the U.N. have always been prevented by United States' almighty veto power, but this time Israel's powerful ally chose to abstain, making way for the symbolic resolution demanding Israel "immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem," and deeming these settlements illegal and in "flagrant violation" of international law.

The move set off an avalanche of heated responses — as anything concerning Israeli-Palestinian relations does — from those who hailed it as a step forward for a two-state solution to those who lambasted the vote. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly criticized the U.N. resolution, calling it "shameful" and accusing the U.N. of encouraging terrorism, and similarly excoriated the U.S. for its abstention.

Among others who opined was conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter, who tweeted his criticism of President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, both of whom have been frustrated with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's provocative actions regarding Palestinian territory over the years. 

"If you are Jewish and supporting Barack Obama and John Kerry, well, you would have made a fine helper at Auschwitz," Schlichter tweeted. 


Comparisons of Israeli-Palestinian relations today to the horrors and suffering of Jews in the Holocaust are not uncommon. Conservatives in Israel seem to see any move against the country's current policies on Palestinian territory and Palestinians as a potential threat to the survival of Jewish people. 

But drawing tenuous connections between the deeply complex Israeli-Palestinian issue today with the predicament of Jews in the Holocaust is precarious. Hours after Schlichter's tweet was posted, a strong rebuke came from none other than the Auschwitz Museum, which responded: 

The tragedy of prisoners of Auschwitz & their complicated moral dilemmas which today we can hardly comprehend should not be instrumentalized.

Many others weighed in on Schlichter's tweet, in disagreement and otherwise. 

In a speech on Wednesday after the U.N. vote, Kerry defended the U.S.' decision to abstain and strongly reprimanded Netanyahu, under whom the settler population has swelled.

"Some seem to believe that the U.S. friendship means the U.S. must accept any policy, regardless of our own interests, our own positions, our own words, our own principles — even after urging again and again that the policy must change," Kerry said. "Friends need to tell each other the hard truths, and friendships require mutual respect."

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