This 31 Day Happiness Challenge Will Make August The Best Month Ever


August is 'Admit You're Happy Month' which has all of us at A Plus really excited. We've come up with this 31 day challenge to boost happiness each day in August.

To participate, take a picture each day to show how you are taking on each challenge and post it on social media with the tag #31DaysOfHappy

Of course, this challenge has some flexibility. If you need to make some substitutions because of the weather or your schedule, don't sweat it. If you didn't start until midway through August and need to stretch it out until September, that's cool too. We just want you to do happy however you can and share it for the world to see!


Day 1: Cheer someone else on for their efforts. Sports? New job? Cleaning out the litter box? Give 'em your full support.

Day 2: Celebrate 'Friendship Day' by connecting with your best friend. If getting together isn't an option, a phone call or Skype session is always a good choice. 

Day 3: Express gratitude to someone who has helped you out in life. Send a card, flowers, or call them up to let them know their actions haven't been forgotten.

Day 4: Get in touch with your grandparents or other elderly relatives.

Day 5: Go out for ice cream, or other delicious frozen treats.

Day 6: Go out for lunch and leave a big tip.

Day 7: Find the good in doing a task you hate. 

Day 8: Head to the beach, or take in some sunshine where you can.

Day 9: Spend time reading your favorite book. 

Day 10: Watch a movie or TV show that makes you laugh until your sides hurt.

Day 11: Have a dance party in your living room.

Day 12: Make an old family favorite recipe.

Day 13: Learn something new.

Day 14: Get some exercise by going for a walk, talking a bike ride, or going for a run.

Day 15: Spend some time in meditation. If you're new to meditation, try a guided session to relax, unwind, and get happy.

Day 16: Compliment a stranger.

Day 17: Go have a picnic.

Day 18: Celebrate 'Bad Poetry Day' by writing a poem about something that makes you smile.

Day 19: Explore your city and go somewhere you've never been before.

Day 20: Donate to a charity of a cause you believe in.

Day 21: Play a game with family or friends.

Day 22: Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for. 

Day 23: Donate unwanted items to charity.

Day 24: Perform a secret random act of kindness, such as putting money into a parking meter, buying someone's coffee, or leaving money where kids will find it.

Day 25: Do something artistic or crafty.

Day 26: Celebrate 'Hug Your Boss Day' by giving your supervisor a squeeze! (Just maybe keep it HR-friendly)

Day 27: Celebrate Global Forgiveness Day by pardoning someone for their wrongdoing. This can also include yourself if you've been burdened with guilt.

Day 28: Set a goal to achieve in the next year. Start brainstorming ways to make it a reality, and come up with a schedule to work toward it.

Day 29: Connect with your family.

Day 30: Watch the sun go down.

Day 31: Raise a glass with your favorite beverage to a month well-celebrated!

Happiness is better when you share it with friends. Send this article to someone to share in the challenge!

[Header image via: iStockphoto]


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