There Are No Winners When Aubrey Plaza And Jimmy Fallon Play 'Think Fast' — Except Us

"Who stole my bike helmet?" "My mom."

When Jimmy Fallon played Think Fast! with Will Ferrell back in June, we thought he couldn't possibly find a celebrity player better suited to the game's rapid-fire randomness. Monday night, however, Fallon introduced actress Aubrey Plaza to the game, and she proceeded to give Ferrell a run for his money.

The premise of the game is that the players take turns asking each other questions and coming up with the quickest responses possible, no matter how weird or nonsensical. In fact, the more weird and nonsensical, the better — at least for us.


Once Fallon has explained the rules, Plaza asks him something we often wonder about many of his sillier Tonight Show games. "And how do we win?"

Fallon pauses, as if he's never been asked such a thing. Eventually, the pair decides that it "doesn't matter," and get on with the game. But in reality, the real winners are us as viewers, because we're the ones who get to witness all the ridiculousness, as Plaza comes up with some pretty entertaining answers.

"Who stole my bike helmet?"

"My mom."

"Why does bread taste so good?"

"It's got things in it."

Our favorite response, however, might be from Fallon himself. When Plaza asks him to name the combination of a zebra and a hippo, he replies, "Zippopotamus."

See every hilarious answer in the video below:

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