The 'Asshole Parents' Instagram Explains The Hilarious Reasons Kids Are Actually Bawling

"I wouldn't let him drink soap."

Being a parent is tough. Even when you try to do the best thing for your kids, they can still get mad at you. Heck, even giving your kids exactly what they want won't always stop them from sobbing hysterically.

To highlight the ridiculousness of what being a parent can sometimes be like, people are posting pictures of their kids crying, along with captions explaining the hilarious and random causes of the tantrum. The photos are all compiled in one genius Instagram called Asshole Parents that proves all parents are assholes sometimes in the eyes of children, no matter what they do. 

We showed you some of our favorite photos from the account in 2015, but there are so many new ones that need to be seen. Take a break from trying to figure out why your kid doesn't like that popsicle they asked for, and enjoy these.

Scroll down to see some of the many hilarious reasons kids are bawling:

1. "Took him to the nice indoor waterpark for mommy and son fun and he got wet."

2. "I won't let him ride the dog like a horse."

3. "I told him to say please!"

4. "She got a hole-in-one."

5. "She is SO mad at me for making it rain and therefore getting her wet when it was time to pick her up from school."

6. "I ruined Shelby's day by opening the 'Frozen' graham crackers ... That she asked me to open."

7. "Bought him a rainbow snow cone but decided he didn't want it."

8. "I couldn't change her sandwich to squares after she asked for triangles and changed her mind."

9. "She asked for a clementine orange, and I gave her one."

10. "I wouldn't let him drink soap."

11. "I took her to the park."

12. "She had a nice warm bath and her favorite jammies are on."

13. "He wanted the beach toy, so I bought him the beach toy."

14. "I won't let her wear shorts to school when it's 40 degrees out."

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