11 People Share All The Weirdly Awesome Ways They Met Their S.O.s

"As I got down from my perch without success this beautiful girl stormed up to me and started yelling at me..."

From meeting at a bar to meeting online, the grocery store, or even the dentist's office, finding a significant other can happen anytime, anywhere.

Recently, Reddit user ObviousEntertainer took to Ask Reddit to find out just how people found their matches, asking: "How did you meet your S.O.?"

Since then, people have flooded the comment section with their personal stories, all of which prove that there are so many different ways to find love.

One person, for example, said that they met a girl when she yelled at them at a bar. "I was positively plastered and had lost track of my friend. So I climbed on top of a barstool to gain the height advantage and hopefully spot them. Unbeknownst to me, I was also placing myself in the dead center of a group of girls who were taking a photo together before they graduated," they write. 

"As I got down from my perch without success this beautiful girl stormed up to me and started yelling at me for purposely trying to photobomb her picture. I only know what she was saying because she's told me after the fact. At the time, all my drunk brain could focus on was how beautiful her eyes were while she was angry. Like little campfires."

Perhaps these stories will inspire you to share your own or to get out and meet someone new. Check out some of our favorites below:


1. "She yelled at me in a bar."

2. "We were in the same karate class."

3. "My best friend was dating one of his good friends."

4. "One night stand."

5. "She needed help and I was good at math."

6. "... my friend's wife's birthday."

7. "When he moved to Alaska where I grew up."

8. "I met her on the last day of 8th grade."

9. "We met at church!"

10. "Sat next to her in chemistry in college."

11. "... At the dentist's office during my regular teeth cleaning."

Cover photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash


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