We’re Head Over Heels For This Nostalgic Poem About Love In The ‘90s

"Be the Kelly to my Zack."

This poet is dope ... 1990s dope!

Whether you're a product of that era or just admire that time, there's one thing for sure: finding love in the '90s was definitely different than the way things are done in the modern world, something Asia Samson captures in his poem, "90s Love." 

In fact, the Pittsburg, Calif., spoken word artist just wants to "love you like junior dance 1996, where you and I can rock the same outfit."

From Aqua Net hairspray-teased bangs and house phones, to Trapper Keepers and beepers, Samson speaks to the audience's love for the colorful, pop-culture-saturated era — and yours, provided you have a high opinion of it. 

And how could you not? After all, it was a time unlike any other, when young people didn't quite have access to the rest of the world with a mere click. It was a time "when we made book covers out of paper bags. Back when we passed notes in class."

Today's youth has definitely been inspired by the '90s, whether they admit it or not. So embrace the history and knowledge Samson is dropping. Because when this ode to throwback love is all said and done, it's not about clicking a "like" on Facebook but rather "checking 'like' at the end of my letter." 


Check out the full poem posted by Button Poetry below:


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