These People Love Each Other And Live Like A Family, But They're Not 'In Love'

A story like no other.

Their story goes three years back. Ash and John met at a Laundromat. John says it was "love at first sight," Ash didn't really feel that way. Despite their differences, they've been together ever since and even raise a child as a family.

But don't be mistaken — they're not a couple. Not even lovers.

Ash and John are both single and date other people. So, wait ... what is this relationship exactly about?

Are they just friends if no romantic feelings are involved? What is their family status if they don't conform to the usual wife-husband dynamic? To all these eyebrow-raising questions, Ash and John have the perfect response:

"We're a family of ... friends!" they say lovingly looking at each other.


Still confused? Check out Ash and John's video to get the full story:

Isn't this a remarkable example of selfless love and all-conquering friendship? Have a similar example from your experience? Share it with us!

(H/T: Lifebuzz)


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