Emojis Have Changed The Way We Communicate, Research Says


Thanks to smartphones and computers, more and more of our communication happens digitally, which makes it easy to misunderstand someone's tone and meaning of their words. Sure, people used to send written letters to one another, but those were usually thoughtful and well-composed, not short bursts of words back and forth.

So without the benefit of complete sentences or sarcasm fonts, how do we know if someone is being passive-aggressive or genuine in their responses? 

Emojis, of course!


Emoticons have come a long way since :-) was first sent in 1982.

Instead of only sideways punctuation marks, we now have a full suite of images from faces to hand gestures to phallic vegetables with which to express our innermost feelings to one another. 

That isn't to say that all communication is now crystal clear because of these modern hieroglyphs, because not everyone is in total agreement with certain symbols actually mean.

The most recent AsapTHOUGHT video breaks down the science of emojis and how they are changing the way we communicate with one another:

Cover image: Shutterstock


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