Are The Ingredients In Makeup Bad For You?

We've come a long way since the ancient Egyptians.

There's no denying that makeup can be an essential part of a person's style. Women spend an estimated $15,000 during their lifetimes on cosmetics alone, which shows just how important some people view it. 

Let's face it: even though nobody actually needs makeup to be beautiful, it can add an unparalleled level of glam.


Still, it's worth considering the ingredients in them, since they get slathered all over our faces every day. 

What is actually in makeup and could some of those ingredients actually be harmful to put on our skin?

AsapSCIENCE has tackled the issue, tracing makeup ingredients all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and that gorgeous trademark eyeliner. Sadly, it seems, the key component in that makeup caused numerous health problems — including brain damage and infertility. 

Thousands of years later, women were using facial cream made with radium, not realizing that the beautiful glow came from toxic radiation.

As the video explains, modern makeup uses some ingredients that don't sound much better. But is it really all that bad?

Check out the video to learn what's in your makeup and whether or not you should worry:

Whether you love to get all dolled up or prefer a more au naturale look, don't forget to take your makeup off and wash your face before going to bed!

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