You Think Hospitals Are Scary? This One Might Make You Reconsider.


Most people will agree that hospitals are not the coolest places to hang out. In fact, many people find them pretty scary. And if hospitals can give grown ups chills, they can certainly terrify kids.

Luckily for little fellows in London, The Royal London Children's Hospital got an awesome makeover. Vital Arts, the arts organization for Barts Health NHS Trust, commissioned numerous artists and designers to revamp the inside of the hospital to make it less scary-looking.

"It is well documented in medical research that children find visiting hospital, no matter how routine the visit or how often they come, a frightening and stressful experience," explains an official statement Vital Arts sent to A+. "Art has proven throughout pediatric hospitals all over the world, to be an invaluable aid for staff in either distracting children, or positively engaging children receiving sometimes painful and frightening treatments by supporting the individual needs of each patient."

Scroll down to see the makeover that the artists gave to the The Royal London Children's Hospital.


Ward 7D, which caters to Trauma and Gastroenterology patients, was created by the designer Morag Myerscough. As the official press release sent to A+ explains, the patterns were inspired by the designer's trip to Delhi, India, back in 2008. 

"The piece has a huge amount of references that had been embedded in my memory for many years and came out all together at one time," Myerscough states. "The whole aim of the piece was to make a ward that would help to bring some joy to the young patients and parents."



To decorate ward 7F of the Royal London Children's Hospital, Vital Arts commissioned Donna Wilson, a textile designer best known for her knitted sculptures and cushions. Her work, titled "Painted Landscapes," features trees made out of wood and texture-covered hills and mountains.

She elaborated on her work in the Vital Arts' press release by saying:

"One of the most important things for me was to make the hospital not feel like a hospital. I wanted the patients, parents and nurses all to feel relaxed, happy and stimulated by the environment that surrounds them and by using design you can lift the mood and well-being of the people there."

Children's book author and illustrator Chris Haughton incorporated his signature animal illustrations into decorating Ward 7C(b), a Pediatric Assessment and Short Stay Unit.

Yep. That's a little monkey dressed as a doctor guiding a whole bunch of life-sized animals.



Ward 7E, a Respiratory Unit, was decorated by two toy designers, Zoe Miller and David Goodman of Miller Goodman. The duo used their signature wooden geometric figures and animals.

In the official Vital Arts' statement, they explain that "Wood is a traditional warm medium that soulfully ages softening with play. It is traditional and always evokes childhood memories of play."

Hospitals still might not be our top spot to hang out, but this one certainly looks way less frightening. 

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