14 Cartoons That Show The World's Support For Belgium After Terror Attacks

"The terror will not stop the music."

"This is a day of tragedy, a black day ... I would like to call on everyone to show calmness and solidarity," Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said solemnly after the three deadly explosions that struck Brussels early on Tuesday. 

Twin explosions in the departure terminal at Brussels Zaventem Airport and another in the Maelbeek Metro Station killed at least 13 people, according to reports, and seriously injured many more. Belgian authorities have since raised its terror threat to the highest level.

The wake of the attacks has brought about fear and distress in the Western European nation, but many more have risen to the terror by expressing fierce kinship with Belgium.

All across social media, artists are posting their work to show solidarity with and support for Brussels. 


French newspaper "Le Monde" published a cartoon by artist Plantu showing France giving support to Belgium.

"Terror has never prevailed and never will."

Many artists used famous Belgian cartoon character Tintin in their illustrations.


"My ode to the people of #Brussels."

"Just no words."

"Support Brussels."

"Peace for Belgium and Turkey." (The latter has experienced multiple terrorist bombings this year.)

"The terror will not stop the music."

The speech bubble reads: "Can you make some space for me?"

"Thinking of those affected in #Brussels."

"Life and art must go on."

"Je suis Bruxelles."

"Stand strong, Brussels. The world is with you."


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