Artist Cleverly Turns His Fingertips Into Characters From History, Pop Culture, And Beyond

From Steve Jobs to Leo DiCaprio, Harry Potter, and more.

You've probably heard someone say that they have something "at their fingertips" — but one Italian artist literally has celebrities, cartoons, characters, and others on his fingertips. 

This digital artist goes by the pseudonym Dito Von Tease, a nickname inspired by Dita Von Teese, an "expert in disguises. I'm known as Dito, that's Italian for 'finger,' " he explains on his website.

Moreover, Dito "emerged at the international level with his project 'Ditology,' a gallery of finger-portraits [sic] of famous and common people, suggesting a reflection on the topic of digital identities," according to his website. 

For Ditology, Dito transformed his thumb into everyone from Mozart to Steve Jobs, Frida Kahlo, Harry Potter, and beyond.

"In the 'digital age,' our fingers are the 'tools' we use to keep in touch with the world through touch-screens, mouse pads and keyboards ..."

... Dito explains to Bored Panda. "In a sense, we are all 'hiding behind a finger' while surfing the internet and this mediation often makes us to feel free to express our ideas, opinions or sensations."

Moreover, Dito's Ditalians project features portraits of famous Italians in an effort to showcase various distinguished figures from art, literature, science, music, and beyond. 

"Some have changed the world, others, more simply, our daily life. Some are undisputed heroes, others controversial. Some are much [esteemed], others less, but no one of them leaves us indifferent, because they are part of our identity," Dito writes on his website. "All of them represent a dream, an achievement, an ideal."

No matter what you take away from Dito's project, one thing's for certain: his aesthetic is an incredibly unique one, and one that we love to explore.

For images from his series, scroll below and check out his website


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