Artist Recreates Caitlyn Jenner's Famed Photo With The Very Last Thing You'd Expect

"I didn’t want to hide the darkness and persecution [trans people] face in my art piece."

It's been a huge year for the transgender community. Thanks in part to Caitlyn Jenner's highly public transition, trans visibility is at an all time high. But the recent gains do not mean that trans people are any less persecuted, misunderstood or shunned by a large part of society.

That bigotry is laser-focused when a beloved Olympian star, once the symbol of masculinity, announces her transition into a woman and becomes the face of the transgender community.

Jenner's Vanity Fair's cover debut was made to overwhelming support and love and she was lauded for her bravery in sharing such a private experience.


But the vitriol and hate it illicited showed just how much work there is to do in that regard.

One Manchester-based artist cleverly took the hateful words that people threw at Jenner and turned them into a powerful work of art.

Conor Collins painstakingly recreated the "Vanity Fair" photo with the hate tweets and death threats sent to Caitlyn Jenner.

Collins told BuzzFeed that he wasn't "inspired" to do that, per se. "I think 'inspiration' gives the idea of energy and motivation," he said. "It was something much sadder … that drove me." 

Curious about Jenner's desire to do something for the trans community, Collins went on her Twitter page only to be taken aback by the malicious comments.

"When I saw these, I wanted to show them because it is a reality of what trans people experience every day," he said, pointing to trans woman Tamara Dominguez as an example. Dominguez died after being hit by a car that then ran over multiple times. Police say it might have been a hate crime.

"Caitlyn is making a difference to the trans community," he told BuzzFeed, "however I didn’t want to hide the darkness and persecution they face in my art piece. It just wouldn’t be fair."

To see more of Collins' work, including his portrait of English athlete and TV personality Tom Daley, created from hate tweets at him when he came out, head over to his Twitter page.


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