This Yearlong Artist Vs. Pressure Washer Saga Is The Battle Of The Century

Mutual respect?

Street art is a bit of a gray area. On one hand, work that comes from true talent, and adds value to the environment and community is great, but on the other there's tagging and just pure vandalism. That's why Banksy is such a controversial figure.

Often, artists' work will get painted over or washed away completely by the government or property owners. In many cases, those same artists will fight back and return to put their work up again — but rarely does this happen multiple times. As documented on Imgur, though, one artist took it to the next level and waged a yearlong battle with the pressure washers that kept coming back to conceal his or her work.


Read on to see the war unfold.

We start with a clean (although weirdly painted) wall.

Next comes a little tongue-in-cheek improvement.

But it could be even better.

Someone doesn't find it too funny.

But this is just the beginning.


Ehhh, kinda funny.

Seriously. Please stop.

A couple more back-and-forths and the answer is still ... nah.

One side is definitely getting pissed now.

And the other's never had more fun.

You want to dance? Let's dance.

Dance we shall.

Son of a ...

Missed a spot.



Call in the reinforcements.

This is fun.

That's the last straw.

Well played. Call it a tie.


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