Get Lost In This Artist's Amazing Photo Drawings And You'll Never Want To Come Back

Now he's offering a step-by-step tutorial on his technique.

Sébastien Del Grosso is an award-winning artist who has gained international attention for his portraits that combine digital photography and hand-drawn sketches.

In 2013, his photo series Sketch of a Life won first place in the Non-Professional Fine Art - Portrait category at the International Photography Awards.

Mr. Del Grosso was kind enough to grant us permission to show you some of his work.

Mood's Sketch

The sketches inside me

Sketch the life

My sketches and me

Anonymous Sketch

"Sketch the sketcher"

"Sketch your (x) dreams"

Mr. Del Grosso recently shared a tutorial illustrating his techniques so that others can create portraits like these.

"Self Sketch" - The process

Although he is best known for his surreal portraits, his photography is equally breathtaking and, at times, haunting.



For more of Mr. Del Grosso's incredible work, please visit his accounts on Facebook, 500px, and Flickr. You may view his tutorial here.

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