Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants To Help Cities And States Pass More Climate Change Legislation

The former governor of California hopes to terminate passive local governments.

Arnold Schwarzenegger joined with the coalition of lawmakers who have vowed to keep their cities green regardless of the federal government's position when the former governor of California announced a new initiative Friday that will help municipalities fight climate change on a local level.

Through the Schwarzenegger Institute at the University of South Carolina and the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators, the actor-turned-politician launched, an online database of legislation across the country that fights global warming. The tool is intended to help others hoping to craft and pass similar legislation in their districts.  

"The message to legislators with the project is now 'you have the power to do it yourselves,''' Schwarzenegger told Politico. "The reality is each state now goes to work and passes great legislation that helps them...make great decisions."

The project hopes to be a "digital environmental legislative handbook," according to its site. Visitors can browse laws and policies currently in place on air quality, energy efficiency, human health and climate change. 

Almost immediately after President Donald Trump announced the United States will be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords, politicians on the city and state level, as well as activists and entrepreneurs, announced their intention to continue working toward the goals outlined in the agreement — with or without help from the White House. Philanthropist, businessman and former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg called for the country to start leading from a bottom-up approach toward leadership on fighting global climate change. 

"America did not drop out of the Paris agreement," Schwarzenegger said during a speech Friday in Cambridge, Mass. the Los Angeles Times reports. "One man dropped out of the Paris agreement."

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