Father's Words To His Overworked Daughter Serve As A Striking Reminder To #ShareTheLoad

"I am so proud. And I am so sorry."

"We know every woman has two jobs — one at the office and one at home," detergent company Ariel India states in its latest video description.

According to the company's research, 73 percent of married women think that Indian men prefer relaxing over helping with household chores such as cooking and cleaning. Eventually, they feel like this preference turns them into 24/7 customer service helplines, so to speak.

Ariel decided to attack this inequality head-on with a powerful new campaign.

Titled "#ShareTheLoad," it calls out rooted gender stereotypes in a way that will definitely leave you teary-eyed.

The video starts by showing a father observing his daughter as she comes back from work.

He slowly ponders how proud he is to have raised such a self-sufficient young woman. Then, suddenly, guilt kicks in...

"I am so proud. And I am so sorry. Sorry that you have to do all this alone... I never told you that it's not just your job, but your husband's too."

The gut-wrenching ad shows a father apologizing not only for his own mistakes, but for generations of men who claimed that a "woman's place is in the home."

Ariel India's video also encourages men to ditch outdated gender stereotypes, roll up their sleeves and #ShareTheLoad with their spouses doing everyday household chores.

The campaign has struck a chord with many people in the world, including Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg:

"This is one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen — showing how stereotypes hurt all of us and are passed from generation to generation. When little girls and boys play house, they model their parents' behavior; this doesn't just impact their childhood games, it shapes their long-term dreams," Sandberg wrote in her Facebook post.

Sandberg's shoutout encourages husbands and dads to #LeanInTogether, take small steps and create more equal homes for everyone.

Check out the full video below and let us know what you think:


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