Watch This 5-Year-Old's Reaction To Finally Getting A New Heart After Waiting 211 Days

"The new heart's gonna go a little to the left?"

When Ari was diagnosed with critical aortic stenosis and evolving hypoplastic left heart syndrome, he knew he'd need a new heart. And after the 5-year-old waited 211 days, a donor match was finally found. 

His parents, Mike and Erica Schultz, captured Ari's heartwarming reaction on camera upon hearing the news in Boston Children's Hospital, and shared the video on YouTube. 

"They found one?" Ari says with a smile. "So I can go home tomorrow?"

"My old heart was right there," he adds, pointing to his chest. "The new heart's gonna go a little to the left?"


"Ari’s new heart began beating in his chest spontaneously at 11:32 p.m. on Friday, March 3," Ari's parents write on their blog.

Following the surgery, Ari's parents posted an update to their blog:

"As of now, he's stable in the cardiac intensive care unit. He is deeply sedated and has a breathing tube in. He looks like he's resting comfortably. Getting a new heart, we were told, is like trading one disease for another. He'll be on a lifetime of meds, and there are a lot of health challenges and risks." They hope he can go back to school in September. 

In the description for the YouTube video, they add, "We are forever thankful for the donor and donor families sacrifice, and will think about them every day for the rest of our lives," the Schultz family captions on the YouTube video, uploaded Monday. "Please, #DonateLife."

We wish you the best, Ari! 

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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