The New Hot Beauty Trend Is Not Called 'Aquarium Nails' For Nothing

But ... HOW?

Whether you're a fan of artificial nails and nail art or not, you HAVE to appreciate the artistry that goes into this technique.


Here, check out this video to see what we're talking about.

Impressive, right? The new trend is called 'aquarium nails' and uses a hallow acrylic nail filled with oil, glitter, tiny cutout shapes, etc.

The magic happens when you shake the nails and all the stuff that's inside starts floating around — like it's actually underwater!

Check out more cool designs from around the Web that would make even Ariel proud.

Like with usual nail extensions, they can be shaped and colored any way you like.

Each nail can be its own beauty ambassador.

Or they can all represent a unified theme. Like this lady and her Disney aquarium nails.

You can actually buy aquarium nail kits on the Internet for about $15, which come with hollow nail tips and a syringe injector. So these nails are totally DIY.

However, if you're a first-timer, maybe get that manicure appointment just to see how it's done.

Bedazzle your paws, ladies!


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