5 Most Romantic Gestures That Melt Every Girl’s Heart

Some say that it is difficult to win a girl's heart, but that's not completely true. Girls love romantic gestures and discover how to do it.

Every girl wishes to have a prince charming and to have a happy ending just like what we normally see in fairy tales. We all want our guy to be romantic is such ways that we could extremely feel that we are so much special. However, not every girl gets their dream because guys can be very insensitive. Though, there are times that they can be so caring and their gestures would easily make us feel like a princess. Of course, it's not every day that your guy does that, even though how much you wish he does. They are the only ones who can make us giggle and blush at the same time.

Waking up every morning with your guy by your side is one of the many best mornings you could ever have. It is just normal that in every relationship, there would be quarrels or misunderstandings but it shouldn't get on the way. Though, after that, you could still make up and get the best out of life. After an argument, everything would still go back to normal. Material things aren't the reason of a girl's happiness, it's the love and care that truly gives them priceless joy. Here are the five most romantic gestures that melt every girl's heart.

1. A Hug From Behind

Girls love it when their guys give them a hug from behind. It makes them feel safe and loved. Though this gesture might be quite cheesy, but it's nice to be enveloped in a man's embrace. This action never needs a word in order to be understood, once a man's warm hug wraps a girl, it gives an unfathomable happiness which emotionally shouts, "I've got you". Plus, a kiss in the cheeks or shoulders would make it all perfect.

2. A Kiss In The Forehead

A kiss is the sweetest expression of love and a kiss in the forehead could totally mesmerize a girl. This action is not much but it depicts a feeling of love with great respect and protection. It is a silent delivery of how much a guy wants to be with you and how deep their affection is.

3. Specially Written Song For Her

No other gift could mean a lot than a specially written or composed song for a girl. If a guy doesn't want or love you enough, he will not make the effort of writing a song. Songs are expressions of emotions. Men aren't vocal but through a song, they could take every girl's breath away and bring them to the haven of love.

4. Surprises!

Most girls love surprises, even if others would deny it. Surprise dinner dates, gifts, letters or flowers and many more surprises could thaw a girl's heart. Even just a surprise cup of coffee when she wakes up in the morning could already make a big difference in her day. Her happiness reflects in her smile and you would see her glow. Remember, it is not just the material things that matter. Surprise her by greeting her on your anniversary and surely she would be the happiest.

5. Romantic Dance


Even if a girl doesn't let you know it, she loves to dance. It doesn't mean that you have to be in certain party or celebration in order for you to take her to dance. Even when a simple love song turns on the radio, you could dance through it and when she lays her head on your shoulder, that is the her silent whisper of "thank you" and "I love you". Uttering words is no longer necessary, you guys would feel it.

Romantic gestures are not only limited to the ones mentioned above. There are various passionate deeds that every man or guys could do to let their special girl feel loved. Setting a bed with a soft and comfortable mattress for a romantic feel could also kindle the passion within lovers. Adding petals or scented candles on the bedroom would mean so much more and it is a great way to end the long busy day. So, to all guys out there, you could already think twice and contemplate on these tips. You'll never know, maybe your love will become even sweeter.


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